March 2-6, 2015

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Math- Fact Family (children will make up there own two Fact Families)
Drills- the children will begin Math Drills adding with the number 1.  They will get one practice test to keep at home and get approx 2 drills a week depending on their level.  This is to improve their math drill skill.  It is not counted as a grade.
Spelling- write Unit 5.1 words once in ABC order
Spelling Words- no, go, boat, coat, low, row, always, mother, father, try, love, supposed, firm

Math- p343-344 to study for test/ Your child can use any IXL exercises for related facts/ practice Math Drills adding with the number 1.
Spelling- write words 2X
LA- p177-178

Math- practice Math Drills
Spelling- sentences
LA- p179-180

Math- p214/Drills
Spelling-rainbow words and study for test
LA- p181-182
Friday- 12:30 dismissal

Have a fantastic weekend!