Nov. 10-14, 2014

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Math- p69
Spelling- write Unit 2.4 words three times each
Science- please send in 12 pictures of different animals - due Wednesday

Math- p115-116 to study for test
Spelling- word pyramids
Lang. Arts- p71-72
Science- 12 pictures of different animals due tomorrow

Spelling- sentences
Lang. Arts- p73-73

Math- p91
Spelling- rainbow words
Social Studies- DUE ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH- We are discussing the topic of different cultures in Social Studies.  As a fun experience for the children, I am asking each child to send in their favorite snack or food from their family culture.  It should be something simple and in a container that they can carry in themselves.  For example, if part of your child's family culture is eating Polish food, your child can bring in 27 perogies in a container and placed in a shopping bag that can be carried.  If your child's culture is Italian, sending in spaghetti or lasagna would not be something simple to serve or eat in the classroom.  The snack or food should accommodate individual servings.  There are 27 in our classroom including the teachers.  Please speak with your child about the food items they are bringing in so they can share with the class why it is special.  We already have plates, napkins, and forks.  If for any reason your child is unable to send in a food item, that is fine.  They are not doing it for a grade.  It is for a shared experience of different cultures.  (Please be reminded we have nut allergy concerns.  Do not send in anything that contains nuts.)  Thank you.  I am looking forward to sharing their cultures.

Social Studies- see above
Have a wonderful weekend!