Sept. 11, 2014

posted Sep 11, 2014, 5:59 PM by Unknown user
1. Read booklet to a parent
2. Practice letter sounds worksheet
*Thank you for following the working snack guidelines.  It is working out very well. Most of the children were able to easily grab and eat their snacks.  Having their water bottles in their backpacks have been working out well for them also.  They can easily take sips as needed without having to leave the class and without spills on their desks and hard work.


**On a side note, I have been having trouble with my computer at school and was unable to blog the homework earlier.  I had to wait until I arrived home and blog from my home computer.  It just so happened that I didn't get home until late yesterday and late this evening. I do not hold your child responsible for their homework if this has inconvenienced your routine.  I hope to have this issue resolved soon. Most of the students were able to copy their homework from the board. Each day they are getting better at it.