Sept. 29- Oct. 3, 2014

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Math- p24
Spelling- write Unit 1.3 words 3x each
(Spelling words- run, be, ride, pin, win, fin, hit, sit, miss, kiss)

Math- p43 ,44
Spelling- Rainbow Words
Language Arts- p21, 22

Spelling- Word Pyramids
Language Arts- p23, 24
Math- p23
Spelling- sentences and study for test
(Sentences- Each word from the spelling list should be used in a sentence.  When writing sentences for spelling, please have your child underline the uppercase at the beginning of the sentence. Then underline the punctuation at the end of the sentence. Finally circle the word used in that sentence that is from the spelling list.  These are the things I will be looking for when checking the sentences.)

No homework
Have a super fun weekend!