Summer Reading

posted Aug 27, 2014, 5:25 PM by St. Leo's Technical Support
Summer Reading
First Grade
St. Leo’s School

Dear Parents,
The children’s book, “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown has been assigned as the mandatory reading for first grade.  You may read the book to your child if they are not reading on that level yet.  The children will do an assignment in response to the book when they are in school in September.

Over the summer, the students must read one more book and do a project at home as a response to the book they choose.  This book can be one of the suggested books or any book they would enjoy reading.   The book depends on the level your child is reading.  It can be a picture book or a chapter book.  If your child is not reading yet, you or another person can read a story to your child.  The three project choices are below.  Your child can choose one of the three projects and bring it in the first week of school.
1    1.   Draw and color a picture and write three sentences about their favorite part of the story.
2    2.   Make a model of their favorite character from the story and write three sentences about the character.  (The model can be made from any creative material your child wants to use such as clay, paper towel roll, Play-Doh, construction paper and so on.)
3    3. Paint a picture of their favorite scene from the story and write three sentences about the scene.  (Your child may use any paint they like such as water colors or poster paint.)

I hope your child has fun doing one of the above projects.  Parents are more than welcome to assist their child but should let the child lead in their creation.


Mrs. Ohocinski