Week of Sept. 15-19, 2014

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1. Math- p2 only
2. Spelling- write words 3x each
* Check Specials Classes on their Class Page for any needed supplies for that class

1. Math- p4 only
2. Spelling- Rainbow Words

1. Math- p7
2. Spelling- Word Pyramids
3. Language Arts- Read page 6 to a parent and have them do bottom portion and sign it

1. Math- p10 only
2. Spelling- study for spelling test (have a parent give a practice test to child)

1. No homework
2. Have a terrific weekend!

** I will teach students spelling homework in class. (I will not be sending directions home.)  I don't expect all the students to get it correct the first week so don't panic if your child does not get the homework correctly.  I will assist them in school if I see it is not done correctly.