Lunch, Specials, Working Snacks, and Peanuts

posted Sep 6, 2014, 6:24 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 8, 2014, 3:17 PM ]
-Grade 1-O will have lunch from 12-12:30 and recess from 12:30-1:00
-Please send a lunch in with your child beginning next Tuesday, as the hot lunch does not begin until the following week on September 15, 2014.

Monday- Gym (Wear gym uniform to school on Gym days and send in water bottle.)
Tuesday- Art, Computers
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Library, Computers
Friday- Spanish, Computers

Each day your child will be allowed to eat ONE working snack.  A working snack is something that can easily be eaten with minimal time and mess.  Some good examples of a working snack are as follows: Polly-O cheese sticks, pretzels, apple slices, gold fish crackers, a banana, yogurt, or a mini bagel.  Some examples of snacks that would not be good for a working snack are as follows: an orange, a fruit cup (sticky syrup leaks), cheese doodles, Doritos (messy fingers), or anything that can leak and is sticky.  Keep in mind your child will be doing school work while eating their snack.  If I see a snack isn't working out due to time and mess, I will ask for you to send them in with something else.  Please put your child's snack in a separate bag, such as a large Zip Loc bag or brown paper lunch bag with their name on it.  The snacks will be placed in a container in the classroom for easy access when needed, therefore it should not be in a lunchbox.  I will have your child take home the bag their snack came in so it can be reused, unless it becomes ripped or too messy.

Please be mindful that there is a child in our classroom who has a serious allergy to peanuts.  Please make every effort to refrain from sending in any working snacks or lunches that contain peanut products or were packaged in a facility that had peanuts.  You can look at the labels on food products by ingredients to find out the allergy information.  I thank you in advance for observing this serious issue.